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Movie Release Year: 1955


Movie Book
Battle Cry (1955) Battle Cry / Uris, Leon
Blackboard Jungle, The (1955) Blackboard Jungle, The / Hunter, Evan
Captain Lightfoot (1955) Captain Lightfoot / Burnett, W.R.
Cobweb, The (1955) Cobweb, The / Gibson, William
Daddy Long Legs (1955) Daddy-Long-Legs / Webster, Jean
Desert Sands (1955) Punitive Action / Robb, John
Desperate Hours, The (1955) Desperate Hours, The / Hayes, Joseph Arnold
East of Eden (1955) East of Eden / Steinbeck, John
Far Horizons, The (1955) Sacajawea of the Shoshones / Emmons, Della Gould
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955) Gentlemen Marry Brunettes: The Illuminating Diary of a Professional Lady / Loos, Anita
Good Morning, Miss Dove (1955) Good Morning, Miss Dove / Patton, Frances Gray
I Died a Thousand Times (1955) High Sierra / Burnett, W.R.
Kentuckian, The (1955) Gabriel Horn, The / Holt, Felix
Kiss Me Deadly (1955) Kiss Me Deadly / Spillane, Mickey
Last Frontier, The (1955) Last Frontier / Roberts, Richard Emery
Left Hand of God, The (1955) Left Hand of God, The / Barrett, William E.
Lucy Gallant (1955) Life of Lucy Gallant, The / Cousins, Margaret
Magic Fire (1955) Magic Fire: The Story of Wagner's Life and Music / Harding, Bertita
Man with the Golden Arm, The (1955) Man with the Golden Arm, The / Algren, Nelson
Man Without a Star (1955) Man Without a Star / Linford, Dee
Mister Roberts (1955) Mister Roberts / Heggen, Thomas
Moonfleet (1955) Moonfleet / Falkner, J. Meade
New York Confidential (1955) New York Confidential, The Lowdown on Its Bright Life / Lait, Jack
Night of the Hunter, The (1955) Night of the Hunter, The / Grubb, Davis
Not as a Stranger (1955) Not as a Stranger / Thompson, Morton
One Desire (1955) Tracey Cromwell / Richter, Conrad
Queen Bee (1955) Queen Bee, The / Lee, Edna L.
Rains of Ranchipur, The (1955) Rains Came, The / Bromfield, Louis
Seven Cities of Gold (1955) Nine Days of Father Serra, The / Ziegler, Isabelle Gibson
Soldier of Fortune (1955) Soldier of Fortune / Gann, Ernest Kellogg
Spoilers, The (1955) Spoilers, The / Beach, Rex
Storm Fear (1955) Storm Fear / Seeley, Clinton
Tall Man Riding (1955) Tall Man Riding / Fox, Norman A.
Timberjack (1955) Timberjack / Cushman, Dan
To Catch a Thief (1955) To Catch a Thief / Dodge, David
Trouble with Harry, The (1955) Trouble with Harry, The / Story, Jack Trevor
Trouble with Harry, The (1955) Vanishing American, The / Grey, Zane
View from Pompey's Head, The (1955) View from Pompey's Head, The / Basso, Hamilton
Violent Men, The (1955) Smoky Valley / Hamilton, Donald
Violent Saturday (1955) Violent Saturday / Heath, William L.
Wine of Morning (1955) Wine of Morning / Jones , Bob Jr.