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Mid-Continent Public Library announced that this service will no longer be provided after October 2, 2023. If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at
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Movie Release Year: 1952


Movie Book
5 Fingers (1952) Operation Cicero / Moyzisch, Ludwig Carl
Bend of the River (1952) Bend of the River / Gulick, William
Big Sky, The (1952) Big Sky, The / Guthrie Jr., A. B.
Botany Bay (1952) Botany Bay / Nordhoff, Charles
Bugles in the Afternoon (1952) Bugles in the Afternoon / Haycox, Ernest
Captain Pirate (1952) Captain Blood Returns / Sabatini, Rafael
Carrie (1952) Sister Carrie / Dreiser, Theodore
Desperate Search (1952) Desperate Search / Mayes, Arthur
Diplomatic Courier (1952) Sinister Errand / Cheyney, Peter
Don't Bother to Knock (1952) Mischief / Armstrong, Charlotte
Holiday for Sinners (1952) Days Before Lent / Basso, Hamilton
Iron Mistress, The (1952) Iron Mistress, The / Wellman, Paul
Ivanhoe (1952) Ivanhoe / Scott, Sir Walter
Lady in the Iron Mask (1952) Man in the Iron Mask, The / Dumas, Alexandre
Les Misérables (1952) Les Misérables / Hugo, Victor
Lure of the Wilderness (1952) Swamp Water / Bell, Vereen
Lydia Bailey (1952) Lydia Bailey / Roberts, Kenneth Lewis
Member of the Wedding, The (1952) Member of the Wedding, The / McCullers, Carson
My Cousin Rachel (1952) My Cousin Rachel / Du Maurier, Daphne
My Six Convicts (1952) My Six Convicts; A Psychologist's Three Years in Fort Leavenworth / Wilson, David Powell
No Room for the Groom (1952) My True Love / Teilhet, Darwin
Paris Express, The (1952) Man Who Watched Trains Go By, The / Simenon, Georges
Pathfinder, The (1952) Pathfinder, The / Cooper, James Fenimore
Plymouth Adventure (1952) Plymouth Adventure, The: A Chronicle Novel of the Voyage of the Mayflower / Gébler, Ernest
Prisoner of Zenda, The (1952) Prisoner of Zenda, The / Hope, Anthony
Return of the Texan (1952) Home Place, The / Gipson, Fred
Ring, The (1952) Square Trap, The / Shulman, Irving
Savage, The (1952) Renegade, The / Foreman, L.L.
Scandal Sheet (1952) Dark Page, The / Fuller, Samuel
Scaramouche (1952) Scaramouche / Sabatini, Rafael
Silver Chalice, The (1952) Silver Chalice, The / Costain, Thomas B.
Three for Bedroom C (1952) Three for Bedroom C / Lieberson, Goddard
Way of Gaucho (1952) Way of Gaucho / Childs, Herbert
Wild Heart, The (1952) Gone to Earth / Webb, Mary
Woman's Angle, The (1952) Three Cups of Coffee / Feiner, Ruth
World in His Arms, The (1952) World in His Arms, The / Beach, Rex
Yukon Gold (1952) Gold Hunters, The: A Story of Life and Adventure in the Hudson Bay Wilds / Curwood, James Oliver