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Mid-Continent Public Library announced that this service will no longer be provided after October 2, 2023. If you are from another library and wish to explore providing this service, please contact Library Systems Manager Nathan Wittmaier at
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Movie Release Year: 1949


Movie Book
Accused, The (1949) Be Still, My Love / Truesdell, June
Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) Legend of Sleeping Hollow, The (short story) / Irving, Washington
Alice in Wonderland (1949) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Carrol, Lewis
All the King's Men (1949) All the King's Men / Warren, Robert Penn
Any Number Can Play (1949) Any Number Can Play / Heth, Edward Harris
Beyond the Forest (1949) Beyond the Forest / Engstrand, Stuart David
Black Magic (1949) Memoirs of a Physician / Dumas, Alexandre
Bomba, the Jungle Boy (1949) Bomba, the Jungle Boy / Rockwood, Roy
Callenge to Lassie (1949) Greyfriars Bobby / Atkinson, Eleanor
Caught (1949) Wild Calendar / Block, Libbie
Chicago Deadline (1949) One Woman / Thayer, Tiffany
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A (1949) Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A / Twain, Mark
Criss Cross (1949) Criss-Cross / Tracy, Don
Duke of Chicago (1949) Duke Comes Back, The / Cary, Falkland L.
East Side, West Side (1949) East Side, West Side / Davenport, Marcia
Fountainhead, The (1949) Fountainhead, The / Rand, Ayn
Great Gatsby, The (1949) Great Gatsby, The / Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Great Sinner, The (1949) Gambler, The / Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Heiress, The (1949) Washington Square / James, Henry
House of Strangers (1949) I'll Never Go There Anymore / Weidman, Jerome
Intruder in the Dust (1949) Intruder in the Dust / Faulkner, William
Kazan (1949) Kazan, The Wolf-Dog / Curwood, James Oliver
Knock on Any Door (1949) Knock on Any Door / Motley, Willard
Little Women (1949) Little Women / Alcott, Lousia May
Lucky Stiff, The (1949) Lucky Stiff, The / Rice, Craig
Madame Bovary (1949) Madame Bovary / Flaubert, Gustave
Manhandled (1949) Man Who Stole a Dream / Goldsmith, L. S.
Mrs. Mike (1949) Mrs. Mike / Freedman, Benedict
Night Unto Night (1949) Night Unto Night / Scola, Kathryn
Old-Fashioned Girl, An (1949) Old-Fashioned Girl, An / Alcott, Lousia May
Omoo-Omoo the Shark God (1949) Omoo / Melville, Herman
Pinky (1949) Quality / Sumner, Cid Ricketts
Prince of Foxes (1949) Prince of Foxes / Shellabarger, Samuel
Red Canyon (1949) Wildfire / Grey, Zane
Red Pony, The (1949) Red Pony, The / Steinbeck, John
Roseanna McCoy (1949) Roseanna McCoy / Hannum , Alberta Pierson
Sand (1949) Sand / James, Will
Secret Garden, The (1949) Secret Garden, The / Burnett, Frances
Siren of Atlantis (1949) Atlantida / Benoit, Pierre
Stampede (1949) Stampede / Benoit, Pierre
That Forsyte Woman (1949) Forsyte Saga, The / Galsworthy, John
Twelve O'Clock High (1949) Twelve O'Clock High / Bartlett, Sy
We Were Strangers (1949) We Were Strangers / Sylvester, Robert
Wolf Hunters, The (1949) Wolf Hunters, The / Curwood, James Oliver
Woman's Secret, A (1949) Mortgage on Life / Baum, Vicki