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Movie Release Year: 1945


Movie Book
Adventure (1945) Anointed, The / Davis, Clyde Byron
And Then There Were None (1945) And Then There Were None / Christie, Agatha
Bell for Adano, A (1945) Bell for Adano, A / Hersey, John
Betrayal from the East (1945) Betrayal from the East: The Inside Story of Japanese Spies in America / Hynd, Alan
Brewster's Millions (1945) Brewster's Millions / McCutcheon, George Barr
China Sky (1945) China Sky / Buck, Pearl S.
Confidential Agent (1945) Confidential Agent, The / Greene, Graham
Detour (1945) Detour: An Sxtraordinary Tale / Goldsmith, Martin
Fallen Angel (1945) Fallen Angel / Holland, Marty
Girl of the Limberlost, The (1945) Girl of the Limberlost, A / Stratton-Porter, Gene
God is My Co-Pilot (1945) God is My Co-Pilot / Scott Jr., Robert Lee
Hangover Square (1945) Hangover Square: A Story of Darkest Earl's Court / Hamilton, Patrick
Hotel Berlin (1945) Berlin Hotel / Baum, Vicki
I'll Tell the World (1945) Miss Lonelyhearts / West, Nathanael
It's in the Bag (1945) Twelve Chairs, The /
Junior Miss (1945) Junior Miss / Benson, Sally
Kitty (1945) Kitty / Marshall, Rosamond
Leave Her to Heaven (1945) Leave Her to Heaven / Williams , Ben Ames
Lost Weekend, The (1945) Lost Weekend, The / Jackson, Charles R.
Love Letters (1945) Pity My Simplicity / Massie, Christopher
Mildred Pierce (1945) Mildred Pierce / Cain, James M.
Molly and Me (1945) Molly, Bless Her / Marion, Frances
My Name is Julia Ross (1945) Woman in Red, The / Gilbert, Anthony
Picture of Dorian Gray, The (1945) Picture of Dorian Gray, The / Wilde, Oscar
Roughly Speaking (1945) Roughly Speaking / Pierson, Louise Randall
Saratoga Trunk (1945) Saratoga Trunk / Ferber, Edna
Scarlett Street (1945) La Chienne / De La Fouchardière, Georges
Spellbound (1945) House of Dr. Edwardes, The / Beeding, Francis
State Fair (1945) State Fair / Stong, Phil
Thunderhead - Son of Flicka (1945) Thunderhead / O'Hara, Mary
Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A (1945) Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A / Smith, Betty
Unseen, The (1945) Her Heart in Her Throat / White, Ethel Lina
Valley of Decision, The (1945) Valley of Decision, The / Davenport, Marcia
Wanderer of the Wasteland (1945) Wanderer of the Wasteland / Grey, Zane
West of the Pecos (1945) West of the Pecos / Grey, Zane