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Movie Release Year: 1943


Movie Book
Above Suspicion (1943) Above Suspicion / MacInnes, Helen
Assignment in Brittany (1943) Assignment in Brittany / MacInnes, Helen
Background to Danger (1943) Background to Danger / Ambler, Eric
Constant Nymph, The (1943) Constant Nymph, The / Kennedy, Margaret
Cross of Lorraine, The (1943) Thousand Shall Fall, A / Habe, Hans
Edge of Darkness (1943) Edge of Darkness / Wood, William
Fallen Sparrow, The (1943) Fallen Sparrow, The / Hughes, Dorothy B.
First Comes Courage (1943) Commandos / Arnold, Elliot
For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) For Whom the Bell Tolls / Hemingway, Ernest
Guadalcanal Diary (1943) Guadalcanal Diary / Tregaskis, Richard
Happy Land (1943) Happy Land / Kantor, MacKinlay
Harrigan's Kid (1943) Harrigan's Kid / Chase, Borden
Hitler's Madman (1943) Hangman's Village / Lytton, Bart
Holy Matrimony (1943) Buried Alive / Bennett, Arnold
Hostages (1943) Hostages / Heym, Stefan
I Walked with a Zombie (1943) I Walked with a Zombie / Wallace, Inez
Immortal Sergeant (1943) Immortal Sergeant / Brophy, John
Jane Eyre (1943) Jane Eyre / Bronte, Charlotte
Johnny Come Lately (1943) Mcleod's Folly / Bromfield, Louis
Keeper of the Flame (1943) Keeper of the Flame / Wylie, I.A.R.
Lady of Bulesque (1943) G-String Murders, The / Lee, Gypsy Rose
Lassie Come Home (1943) Lassie Come Home / Knight, Eric
Leopard Man, The (1943) Black Alibi / Woolrich, Cornell
Moon is Down, The (1943) Moon is Down, The / Steinbeck, John
My Friend Flicka (1943) My Friend Flicka / O'Hara, Mary
Mystery of the 13th Guest, The (1943) Thirteenth Guest, The / Trail, Armitage
One Dangerous Night (1943) Lone Wolf / Vance, Louis Joseph
Ox-Bow Incident, The (1943) Ox-Bow Incident, The / Clark , Walter Van Tilburg
Phantom of the Opera, The (1943) Phantom of the Opera, The / Leroux, Gaston
Presenting Lily Mars (1943) Presenting Lily Mars / Tarkington, Booth
Saint Meets the Tiger, The (1943) Meet the Tiger / Charteris, Leslie
Song of Bernadette, The (1943) Song of Bernadette, The / Werfel, Franz