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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Television Program and Movie Novels

# Book Title Author
Baby is Here!, The Santomero, Angela C.
Big Brother Daniel Santomero, Angela C.
Big Enough to Help Friedman, Becky
Daniel and the Nutcracker Santomero, Angela C.
Daniel Chooses to Be Kind Kalban, Rachel
Daniel Gets His Hair Cut Cozza-Turner, Jill
Daniel Goes to School Friedman, Becky
Daniel Goes to the Carnival Santomero, Angela C.
Daniel Goes to the Playground Friedman, Becky
Daniel Has an Allergy Santomero, Angela C.
Daniel Learns to Ride a Bike Friedman, Becky
Daniel Plays in the Snow Friedman, Becky
Daniel Tiger's Day and Night Cassel, Alexandra
Daniel Tries a New Food Friedman, Becky
Daniel Visits the Doctor Friedman, Becky
Daniel's First Fireworks Friedman, Becky
Daniel's First Sleepover Santomero, Angela C.
Daniel's New Friend Friedman, Becky
Daniel's Winter Adventure Friedman, Becky
Good Night, Daniel Tiger Santomero, Angela C.
Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger! Friedman, Becky
Helpers in Your Neighborhood, The Cassel, Alexandra
Mama Travels for Work Cozza-Turner, Jill
Nighttime in the Neighborhood Friedman, Becky
No Red Sweater for Daniel Friedman, Becky
Remembering Blue Fish Friedman, Becky
Tiger Family Trip Friedman, Becky
Welcome to the Neighborhood! Friedman, Becky
You Are Special, Daniel Tiger! Santomero, Angela C.