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Juvenile Series and Sequels


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Subjects: Teenagers

# Book Title Author
Another Miserable Love Song Carter, Brooke
B Negative Grant, Vicki
Back McClintock, Norah
Bang McClintock, Norah
Battle of the Bands Denman, K. L.
Big Guy Stevenson, Robin H.
Bike Thief Feutl, Rita
Blue Moon Halvorson, Marilyn
Breaking Point Choyce, Lesley
Breathing Fire Tsiang, Sarah Yi-Mei
Breathless Withers, Pam
Bull Rider Halvorson, Marilyn
Bull's Eye Harvey, Sarah N.
Cellular Schwartz, Ellen
Charmed Mac, Carrie
Chill Frizzell, Colin
Comeback Grant, Vicki
Coming Clean Ross, Jeff
Crash Choyce, Lesley
Crush Mac, Carrie
Cuts Like a Knife Ryan, Darlene
Damage Stevenson, Robin H.
Dark Truth, A Ross, Jeff
Darwin Expedition, The Tullson, Diane
Dead Run Rodman, Sean
Dead-End Job Grant, Vicki
Deadly Harvey, Sarah N.
Death Wind Bell, William
Desert Slam Barwin, Steven
Down McClintock, Norah
Enough Payne, Mary Jennifer
Exit Point Langston, Laura
Exposure Murdoch, Patricia
Fallout Tate, Nikki
Fastback Beach Matheson, Shirlee Smith
Final Crossing Rodman, Sean
First Time Tilly, Meg
Foolproof Tullson, Diane
Grind Walters, Eric
Hannah's Touch Langston, Laura
Hemingway Tradition, The Butcher, Kristin
Hit Squad Heneghan, James
Home Invasion Polak, Monique
Homecoming Dakers, Diane
House Party Walters, Eric
I.D. Grant, Vicki
Identify Choyce, Lesley
Impact Dekker, James C.
In Plain Sight Langston, Laura
In the Woods Stevenson, Robin H.
Infiltration Rodman, Sean
Jacked Mac, Carrie
Juice Walters, Eric
Kicked Out Goobie, Beth
Knifepoint Van Tol, Alex
Last Ride Langston, Laura
Learning to Fly Yee, Paul
Lockdown Tullson, Diane
Masked McClintock, Norah
Middle Row Olsen, Sylvia
My Side McClintock, Norah
My Time as Caz Hazard Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
Night Terrors Rodman, Sean
No More Pranks Polak, Monique
No Problem Gaetz, Dayle
Off the Grid Choyce, Lesley
One More Step Fitch, Sheree
One Way McClintock, Norah
Outback Stevenson, Robin H.
Overdrive Walters, Eric
Pain & Wastings Mac, Carrie
Picture This McClintock, Norah
Pinch Me Prendergast, Gabrielle
Plastic Harvey, Sarah N.
Rat Choyce, Lesley
Reaction Choyce, Lesley
Redline Van Tol, Alex
Refuge Cove Choyce, Lesley
Responsible Ryan, Darlene
Riley Park Tullson, Diane
Riot Act Tullson, Diane
River Traffic Martin, Martha
Rock Star Chamberlain, Adrian
Running the Risk Choyce, Lesley
Saving Grace Ryan, Darlene
Scam Choyce, Lesley
Scum Dekker, James C.
Sea Change Tullson, Diane
Shallow Grave Van Tol, Alex
Shattered Harvey, Sarah N.
Skylark Cassidy, Sara
Sleight of Hand Deen, Natasha
Snitch McClintock, Norah
Something Girl Goobie, Beth
Spiral Denman, K. L.
Sticks and Stones Goobie, Beth
Stuffed Walters, Eric
Tagged Walters, Eric
Tap Out Rodman, Sean
Tell McClintock, Norah