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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Friendship

Sweet Valley High (143) Young Adult
Sweet Valley Jr. High (30) Juvenile
Sweet Valley Kids (76) Juvenile Easy
Sweet Valley Twins (118) Juvenile
Swirl Novels (6) Juvenile
Taffy Sinclair (11) Juvenile
Tales of Trotter Street (4) Juvenile Easy
TBH (3) Juvenile
Team Cheer (8) Juvenile
Third-Grade Friends (4) Juvenile
Thousandth Floor, The (3) Young Adult
Threads (3) Young Adult
Three Girls in the City (4) Young Adult
Tiara Friends (4) Juvenile
Tilly and Friends (14) Juvenile Easy (12) Young Adult
Toot and Puddle (11) Juvenile Easy
Trouble (3) Young Adult
Twelve Candles Club (12) Juvenile
Twerp (2) Juvenile
Twist My Charm (2) Juvenile
Ugly Cat & Pablo (2) Juvenile Easy
Ultra Violets, The (3) Juvenile
Unicorn and Yeti (2) Juvenile Easy
Unicorn Club, The (22) Young Adult
Veronica (4) Juvenile
Vietnam (5) Young Adult
Walnut Animal Society (2) Juvenile Easy
Wedding Planner's Daughter, The (6) Juvenile and Young Adult
Weetzie Bat (6) Young Adult
WellieWishers (10) Juvenile Easy
WellieWishers (Readers) (6) Juvenile Easy
Willow Falls (5) Juvenile
Willy the Scrub (4) Juvenile Easy
Winnie Years, The (5) Juvenile
Wish Novels (26) Juvenile
Witch, Goblin, and Ghost (5) Juvenile Easy
Wolfie & Fly (2) Juvenile Easy
Wondergirls (5) Juvenile
Worldquake (3) Juvenile
Year in Girl Hell, A (4) Young Adult
Yes No Maybe So (2) Juvenile
Yeti Files, The (3) Juvenile Easy
Yoko and Friends (20) Juvenile Easy
Yossi (4) Juvenile
You Are (Not) Small (3) Juvenile
Your Alien (2) Juvenile Easy
Z.A.P. and Zoe (3) Juvenile
ZaZa (2) Juvenile Easy
Zoe & Chloe (2) Young Adult
Zoobles! Spring to Life! (6) Juvenile Easy