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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Extraterrestrial Beings

5th Wave, The (3) Young Adult
Adventure of Meno (4) Juvenile Easy
Alien Agent (6) Juvenile
Alien in My Pocket (8) Juvenile Easy
Alien Next Door, The (7) Juvenile Easy
Aliens Love Underpants (8) Juvenile Easy
Androma Saga, The (2) Young Adult
Archvillain (3) Juvenile
Beyond the Red Trilogy (3) Young Adult
C.H.A.O.S. Trilogy (3) Young Adult
Cage, The (3) Young Adult
Children of Exile (3) Juvenile
Company's Coming (2) Juvenile Easy
Conquered Earth (2) Young Adult
Daniel X (6) Young Adult
Dinosaur Boy (2) Juvenile
Fear Agent (6) Young Adult
First Graders from Mars (4) Juvenile Easy
Fluffy Bunnies (2) Juvenile
Freddy! (3) Juvenile
Gabby Duran (3) Juvenile
Galactic Football League (5) Young Adult
Galaxy Zack (14) Juvenile Easy
Herbert's Wormhole (3) Juvenile
Hyperspace High (6) Juvenile
Icons (2) Young Adult
Iggy Loomis (2) Juvenile
Ignatius MacFarland (2) Juvenile
Johnny Mackintosh (3) Juvenile
Kid from Planet Z, The (2) Juvenile Easy
Legacy Chronicles, The (2) Young Adult
Lorien Legacies (7) Young Adult
Lorien Legacies Reborn (3) Young Adult
Lux (6) Young Adult
Max Disaster (3) Juvenile
Mush (2) Juvenile Easy
Nightsiders, The (2) Juvenile
Orbital (4) Young Adult
Origin (2) Young Adult
Pilot and Huxley (2) Juvenile
Planet Thieves (2) Juvenile
Project Paper Doll (3) Young Adult
Rabbids Invasion (Readers) (6) Juvenile Easy
Rabbids Invasion Case Files (7) Juvenile Easy
Recon Team Angel (3) Young Adult
Resisters, The (4) Juvenile
Scan (2) Young Adult
Simon Bloom (3) Young Adult
Starbounders (2) Juvenile
Stinker (2) Juvenile
Unearthed (2) Young Adult
Voltron Force (6) Juvenile
Way-Too-Real Aliens (3) Juvenile
Your Alien (2) Juvenile Easy
Zapt! (3) Juvenile
Zig and Wikki (2) Juvenile