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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Brothers and Sisters

Abigail Iris (2) Juvenile
Benny and Penny (5) Juvenile Easy
Beyond Baylor (2) Juvenile
Cat in the Hat, The (2) Juvenile Easy
Dog Friday (3) Juvenile
Drake Chronicles, The (6) Young Adult
Freddy! (3) Juvenile
House of Secrets (3) Juvenile
Lemonade War, The (5) Juvenile
Life of Ty, The (3) Juvenile
May Amelia (2) Juvenile
Mokie & Bik (2) Juvenile Easy
Nanny Piggins (8) Juvenile
Space Boy (3) Juvenile Easy
Stella and Sam (9) Juvenile Easy
Tales from Alcatraz (4) Juvenile
Tumtum & Nutmeg (6) Juvenile
Way-Too-Real Aliens (3) Juvenile
Winter is for Snow (2) Juvenile Easy