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Juvenile Series and Sequels


Subject: Baseball

Ballpark Mysteries (15) Juvenile
Barnstormers (3) Juvenile
Baseball Genius (2) Juvenile
Contract, The (5) Juvenile
Heat (2) Young Adult
Hit and Run Gang (8) Juvenile
Home Run Series (6) Juvenile
King of the Bench (4) Juvenile
Lenny and the Mikes (2) Juvenile
Little League (5) Juvenile
Little Rhino (6) Juvenile Easy
Never Sink Nine (10) Juvenile Easy
New Kid (2) Juvenile
Peach Street Mudders (9) Juvenile Easy
Pink Parrots, The (6) Juvenile
Rookies (6) Young Adult
Scrappers (9) Juvenile
Sluggers (6) Juvenile
Southside Sluggers (4) Juvenile
Super Sluggers, The (4) Juvenile
Topps League Story (6) Juvenile